Ever leave contact lenses out in the air for more than an hour? They turn into tiny brittle discs of plastic. They crumple under any but the lightest touches. hehe

I took a pair out the other day and sat them on the coffee table. I’d had them in all day and it was time. Normally, I discard them but I was gaming and left them. I had completely forgotten about them when I found the little discs later. It took me a few minutes to realize what I was seeing.

It was kinda creepy. Only because of the idea of these things having been in my eyes just a couple hours previous. I even had a dream that night that they dried up inside my eyes and I was running around with crispy eyeballs. lol

I should have taken a picture. It would have been cool to share. I wonder if they would have reshaped themselves if I had put them back in water? Hmmmmm?

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