Weekend Roundup

Well, Gay High Holy Day #1 2008 has come and gone.  It was a busy weekend but very enjoyable. 

I had an off day Friday so hung out, got errands done, etc.  I was still feeling a little blech but managed to make it to the gym. 

Saturday day was pretty laid back.  My buddy Frank made it in from Phoenix.  I wasn’t too sure he’d make it but glad he did.  He is a good egg and more than a little handsome. 


"Ray", Frank, and myself all headed for lunch at Firewood.  It was the most crowded I’d ever seen it.  Every single table was full minus two.  By the time we left there was a line forming out the door. 

Ray & Frank

Saturday night we went over to Adam & Brad’s new place for an intimate get together.  The boys got the new pad all decked out and looking great.  I think everyone involved had a great time.  I also got a chance to play on their Wii.  I was really impressed w/the design and layout of the console.1  I also got to design my own avatar which everyone said bore a real resemblance. heehee   Anyway, the evening was a success in my book.  Between playing Wii bowling and the straight Irish boys that appeared out of nowhere, I think everyone had a great time.

Brad & Frank Gaming

Someone told me not to bring food so we all ended up practically starving to death.  That is until Dominos delivered at 12:30 am.  Afterwards, we all sat around feeling fat and sassy play Smash Mario Bros.

Sunday was parade day.  I’m sad to say I made it a bit late to the festival.  Frank and I both slept late.  We got there about half way thru the parade.  Adam and Brad were starving and I got to watch them devour some hot dogs within seconds.2  We also ran into Victor, Tony, and little Bruno at the festival afterwards.  Bruno is so adorable and growing like a weed.

Tony & Vic

On our way out, we stopped by Faery Village and saw masturbator 1 & 2. lol  I’ll never understand the lure of standing in front of hundreds, if not thousands, of complete strangers having sex.   As brave as I am, I couldn’t just stand and beat off in front of thousands of unknown people.  There was the one guy who is there almost every year.  This year he was lying down.  I can report his ass wasn’t so attractive.  The other guy had a fantastic bod and cock but was wearing a very dorky distracting Skeletor head mask.  They were both just wanking away.  There were other naked guys3 but none worth mentioning. 

Afterwards, we scarfed down a meal at the food court in the new Westfield mall before seeing Wall-E on the big screen.  Brad commented this "was his new favorite mall."  Anyway, I highly recommend the movie.  If you like the Pixar franchise you will love Wall-E.  The plot was wonderfully engaging and thought-provoking while still maintaining a high level of entertainment.  Definitely worth the money to see it on the big screen.

Today, Frank and I were slugs.  We had lunch, a movie, dinner, and a nap all before he had to fly back home to Phoenix.  I definitely need to him the gym again tomorrow.  I could write more but I’m flat bone tired and sleep is about to take me.  A few more pics posted on the flickr account if you care to see. 

And how was your weekend?

  1. Mine is now on back order []
  2. In true Southern fashion, they can put away some food when properly inspired. lol []
  3. Side rant: Why is it always the fat fugly guys that parade around butt naked? []