No more glasses for a while. Turns out my eye-fix isn’t going to be as easy as previously thought. I got my glasses and they were nice but didn’t really seem to be helping my main problem, diplopia (double vision).

On the follow up visit, when I explained the issue it was discovered I have more of a eye muscle problem vs actual vision issues. Ok, to be fair, I still have the slight near-sightedness and astigmatism but those are much more minor and require very little fix.

I got referred to a specialist who was a very nice Russian fella. And yeah, I do have some eye muscle issues. My left eye is a bit out of sync when looking at strong odd angles. If I tilt my head down while looking upward I get strong double images. Left or right, is the same to a lesser degree. The fix would be glasses with prism support to force the eyes back into alignment.

The doc mentioned a possible thyroid related problem that sometimes causes said problem. He sent me off for some blood work. I looked it up and should it turn out to be related to that, it usually goes away with treatment. I don’t really have the other issues that come from hyperthyroidism but it will be nice to rule it out.

He is actually sending me out to get an MRI. While no indicators, he wants to make sure there are no brain (read ‘tumor’) problems. Being adopted, I know nothing of my hereditary issues so it’s always a bit worrisome for me. I was a tiny bit concerned but not having any other symptoms is also reassuring.

The most likely scenario is I’ll end up with a different prescription to correct my vision. Even better, he said I’d still be able to get contacts with the prism support!

Blood work is done and the MRI is in two weeks. The follow up with the specialist is a few days after that. Hopefully, I’ll have some definitive answers by the middle of August.