Year In Review

I was all ready to review my resolutions for 2005 till I discovered I never posted them. Or maybe I did just not all together. So, I’m thinking, what were my goals again?

With the break up, having to move twice, and the death of my father, the year started out on a sad note. I was also troubled about the lack of direction my life was taking. I’d put things on hold for an unhealthy LTR and was left scrambling to pick up the pieces. So where am I now compared to a year ago? I managed to shake myself out of my malaise and “get busy”, thats where I am. *g*

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  • I’m over one leg of the higher education hurdle. Still a ways to go but very happy w/my progress so far.
  • I wanted to catch up on my debts and I have. Not as much as I wanted but made some good headway. My last raise came thru finally so that helped a lot. I’m still carrying more than I like so that’s a goal to keep for the coming year. Moving into a new apartment will help w/that as well. *crossing fingers that this move goes smoother than the last.*
  • I wanted to get a motorcycle. That hasn’t happened yet. I’ve had to push it back to accommodate other goals. I’m hoping I can try again around July/August of this year. The scooter works great but I’ve outgrown it.
  • I also wanted to get braces this past year. Another goal sort of pushed to the side. I need to find a new dentist. After the move, I’ll check into it again.

All things considered, I think I did an alright job of staying on track. For the coming year, my main focus is getting my required EMT hours in and working on my debt. Everything else will revolve around that. If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to switch to full time as an EMT about mid-year. If not, this year is gonna be rough. (I’ll end up working 6 days a week.) If I am able to switch, I’ll be able to accrue my hours much faster.

The social life is already pretty much non-existent so not missing much there. The blog sorta helps to pick up the slack a little. While not interacting in person, it still helps. The blog has helped me in so many ways too. Having interaction and feedback on my madness helps me to see outside myself at times. A perspective, I’m grateful for. I’ve tried hard to learn from mistakes and its working. I feel like I matured a lot in 2005.

That’s the biggies. Other goals include getting the motorcycle obviously. I’ve decided it will be a reality one way or another. (Meaning the debt may have to temporarily increase to accommodate this goal) If I get off my ass, I’d like to at least get started on my braces. I may bite the bullet and get the new invisilign ones. A bit more pricey but worth it I think.

In looking ahead to 2006, I see it as the continuation of a new chapter in my life. So what about you? What’s your NY’s resolutions?

8 thoughts on “Year In Review”

  1. my new year’s resolutions are as follows:
    1) go to SF. .. Well, since I was planning on being there in February anyway, and I’m not driving, I guess that doesn’t count. forget that one.

    2)I resolve to be nicer to the gym lizards that I interact with. I will no longer drop heavy weights on their throats when spotting them on benchpress. I will no longer hurl 45 lb weights at the heads of cell phone talkers.

    3) I will re-direct my apprehension and resentment towards our president and his administration and focus it more towards a deeper hatred of same.

    4) I will be nicer towards morons who cannot or will not drive sensibly or politely. I will not curse at, nor threaten Bruce Willis when he runs me off the road in his Cadillac escalade( white with big huge silver bling hubcaps, ugh!)

    5)I will not consider any orthodontic procedures of any kind. I DO NOT wish to be a Moby copycat. besides, I have perfect teeth. so there.

    6) I will not see the following films this year:
    “Helter Skelter 2: Charlie’s Angels”
    “The Poseidon Adventure” (I read the script: AWFUL!)
    “King Kong 2- Electric boogaloo” beacause the latest remake was so long n lame that my bladder and my brain are still in shock.
    “The Flying Nun:The Movie” …unless it stars the Sisters Of Perpetual indulgence

    7)Start my own damn blog, so I can feel sorry for myself because nobody reads it.

    8) I will eat more sensibly at restaurants. No longer will I save up chicken bones to shove down the throats of cell phone users and whiny children’s parents in restaurants.

    9)actually work when at work and not screw around on the internet, reading blogs and looking at porn. … .. forget that one…too unrealistic. besides…see resolution #7

    10)cure cancer.

  2. Moby whats up with the teeth thing?
    Why not just move in with me and I’ll take of you. No longer do you need to worry about money. You will pay me back in other ways:)

  3. When I saw your pic on bigmuscle I was taken back by the dept in your face. Now after reading your blog I am again taken back by your dept. It is refreshing to find a man whom is showing perserverence, and a strong ora about him. Keep up the growth and never stop learning and sharing. Your the Best Baby!!!
    cubman ken

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