I posted a while back about my attempt to find some good gay themed scifi/Horror/fantasy novels. As previously mentioned, my biggest complaint is that most of the gay themed books are erotic-based or total crap. OK, that might be a bit harsh. There are plenty that are self-discovery and chronicles of coming out. I am not bashing any of those. I am however, referring to the plethora of fiction novels. Sorting thru the turds to find the gems is a royal pain.

Anyway, every once and a while I find a good one. I stumbled over a series of books by Poppy Dennison. They are the standard vampire, werewolf, mage sort of books but with gay characters. And while not overly complex, they are well written and blend together quite well. The Triad series starts each book from a different characters view on the  progressing larger story. While often short, the books were well-written and the overall story blends quite well. I came away truly impressed with the author. The author could have merged all of the books into one big one but breaking them out piecemeal isn’t bad.

if you’re in the market for said type of books, I definitely recommend them. I wouldn’t call them powerful awe-inspiring but they are certainly a good and entertaining read.


Ok Somehow, this damn thing posted before I finished….

I bitched a while back about some of my frustrations with printed media making the jump to digital, albeit slowly and sporadically. Since then, I’ve been watching a slow but gradual convergence. It seems unlike the music/movie industry, the book publishers haven’t been as stand offish over the whole digital jump. Don’t get me wrong, they are still being greedy by charging the same price as a paperback for digital content, but at least they are allowing it to be available.

Sadly, some authors aren’t as gung-ho and have fought to keep their works out of the digital forum. They will find themselves relegated to the dusty shelves their books are sitting on if they don’t wake up. From a simple supply/demand point-of-view, the digital convergence is not a matter of if but when.

I’m happy that many more works are making the jump almost every day though. This time last year when I was ranting about some of the draconian bills going thru congress, only 1 of my fave authors had all of their works available in e-format and now all 3 have chunks of their works online. Many of my favorite mags have also made the jump with only one not having an e-format.

I can honestly say I’ve started reading a lot more. Having an ipad with a Kindle app, I can access virtually any book in my e-library at a moment’s notice. The only down side is any of my favorite books that I already have in print still have to be repurchased in the new format. *grumble grumble*

Hell, even porn has gone digital. lol You can get a plethora of books, short stories, etc of the adult variety, gay or straight, on amazon, apple, google, or even direct from the author. And as the saying goes, ‘where porn goes, so does the rest.‘ You laugh but look back at every time the porn industry as embraced a new format and you’ll notice a giant shift overall. Oh yes, for all our nay-saying, sex still sells. lol