I’m Legal (Again)

With Amazon’s addition of DRM-free mp3’s for download, I’ve once again joined the ranks of people who purchase music.  When the RIAA went ballistic over downloadable content, I stopped buying music.  That was 7 years ago.  I stopped mainly out of principle as I’ll be damned if I’m gonna give someone my hard-earned cash and have them tell me when, where, and how I can play my music.  No thank you.1

The turn around regarding DRM music supports what I’ve said all along.  If you give people an easy and convenient way to do the right thing, they will.  Most of us have no desire to steal from record labels or artists.  There will always be those who feel the need to "stick it to the man" and get around paying for stuff.  Get over it already.  The majority has spoken and the record labels, it seems, are finally listening.  For those that continue to favor old distribution methods and ignore emergent technology out of greed, shame on ya.  I’ll see ya in the poor house.  /rant

I just downloaded both albums from the Scissor Sisters.  I saw them perform here in SF back before they made it big.  If you’ve never seen them, they are very over the top. lol  However, the music is pretty damn good as well.  Now I guess I have to install one of those little programs that displays what I’m listening to at the moment or what I’m downloading.  Naaaaah.

  1. I found it very ironic I could legally copy digital content off the radio for free but downloading it directly was illegal. []

Get With It Already…

So, the date went well. We had dessert first. *g* Besides that, He really is a sweet guy. I like hanging out with him as we can always have a conversation ‘afterwards’. It’s nice to be able to just enjoy someone’s company w/o expectation.

On a side note, can I just tell you something? I already like having Friday/Saturdays off. All the guys I see around that never seem to be available, suddenly are. I’m used to not having anything planned or to do, I was overwhelmed by the boys suddenly vying for my attention. *g*

I start with the new trainer on Monday. His schedule is a little tight so I have to get up a tad early. However, I see this as a test of my conviction to stick with it. I took the weekend off however, I expect by Friday, I’m gonna hurt all over.

Switching subjects completely now, I downloaded a new plugin for firefox. It’s call Scribefire. It basically, lets you blog directly from you browser window w/o the need to log into your blog. It works w/blogger, wordpress, typepad, etc. I like it so far. I tend to surf and blog at the same time so this little feature is a win win in my book. OH, I also added some little chat thingeys on the left. It does a better job of showing when I’m online via the various IM clients I use. You can still click the chat link if you don’t use a IM client but for those who do, I think this makes it a little more obvious.

Whats In Your MP3 Player?

I often see people post their playlists from their mp3 players so I thought I’d give it a whirl. First, I don’t have ipod. I have a thing for simplicity and even a little synchronicity thrown in for good measure. I use my Ipaq 6315 phone/pda as my mp3 player. It serves as an all-in-one device for me which is perfect!

So anyway, this weeks list:

1. Madonna – Die Another Die
2. Tom Jones – Sex Bomb (remix)
3. Amber – We need to be Naked (remix)
4. Sophie – Murder On The Dance Floor
5. Moony – Dove (original mix)
6. Sugar Babes – Round & Round (extended mix)
7. Elvis vs JXL – A Little Less Conversation.
8. The Tamperer – Can You Feel It.
9. Dina Carroll – Without Love
10. ? – The Ketchup song
11. M People – One Night In Heaven (Oakenfeld remix)
12. Alice Deejay – Celebrate Our Love.
13. Cher – The Music’s No Good W/O You. (my fave)
14. Lio – Rapture
15. Kylie Minogue – Better The Devil You Know
16. 3SL – Take It Easy
17. Jean Jacques Smoothie – 2 People
18. Atomic Kitten – It’s Ok
19. Madonna – Impressive Instant
20. M People – Search For The Hero Inside Yourself (Vasquez remix)
21. H & Claire – DJ
22. Sophie Ellis Baxter – Take Me Home
23. Louise – 2 faced
24. The Faces – I Wish I Knew What You Know (remix)
25. Nora Jones – Don’t Know Why (remix)