100 Things


01) I was adopted around 9 months
02) My birth, adopted, and step mothers were all Cajun
03) Aquarius
04) Gay
05) Horrible singer
06) Love to sing
07) 7 of 8 children
08) Our house was a mile from the closest paved road
09) Scrawny geek in school
10) College: ITT-Tech
11) I went to college to flee home
12) I lost my virginity at 14
13) Right handed
14) My first job was at an adult bookstore
15) First car I ever owned was a 84 Toyota Celica
16) First broken bone: right foot
17) My second job was Mr Gatti’s Pizza
18) I hate lima beans
19) I was very hyper as a child
20) I detest liver
21) I have green eyes
22) I am the spitting image of my real father
23) I have never met my real family
24) I have an IQ of 126
25) I am horrible at math
26) I love science
27) My birthstone is Garnet
28) My prime number is 11
29) One of my eyes is slightly larger than the other
30) I’ve been in love twice in my life
31) My first love died
32) My second love lives with me now
33) My foster mom died before I turned 7
34) I’m trained as an EMT
35) I cry during sad movies
36) I’d never been “to the movies” until I was 18
37) I didn’t learn to swim until I was 16
38) I grew up on farm
39) I’ve never smoked pot
40) I almost killed myself at age 19
41) I rode my first roller coaster at age 17
42) I ran away once at age 5 out of fear of my sister
43) My father broke my jaw & 2 ribs when I came out
44) I almost poisoned my step mother when I was 10
45) I am ambidextrous
46) I was robbed at gunpoint at a 7-11 once
47) I love fried okra
48) My favorite book is The Necroscope by Brian Lumely
49) My favorite food is sushi
50) I was afraid of geese as a child
51) I don’t smoke
52) I lived in Boulder, CO once
53) I went jet skiing for the first time at age 33
54) My dad died in Feb. 2005
55) I can type 80 words per minute
56) I’m allergic to gold
57) My favorite color is blue
58) I am still learning how to love unconditionally
59) I lived in Galveston, TX once
60) I had a mullet in high school
61) I started losing my hair at age 19
62) I wear a size 10 shoe
63) I believe in Karma
64) I believe in re-incarnation
65) I touched what I believe to be god at age 19
66) I don’t believe in christianity
67) I originally wanted to be a teacher
68) I have sweet tooth for reece’s peanut butter cups
69) My favorite flower is the Lily
70) I wanted to join the army when I was in high school
71) I love all things scifi/horror/fantasy
72) I have a deep secret that I’m afraid to share
73) I have an affinity for technology and gadgets
74) I talk in my sleep
75) I wish I was more detail oriented
76) Grade school bored me
77) I was a mischievous child
78) I’ve been homeless once
79) There are parts of my id that scare me
80) I technically failed the 7th grade
81) I love blackberries
82) Miracle whip
83) I can’t sleep on my back
84) I’m very trusting until given a reason not too
85) I can be very shallow at times
86) I become infatuated w/people easily
87) I become bored w/people easily
88) I wear my heart on my sleeve on purpose
89) I handle stress well
90) I’m still learning to love myself
91) I am ashamed of society most of the time
92) I accept that I am not perfect
93) I am very opinionated
94) I am open-minded
95) I miss having family ties
96) I think Scott Peterson did it
97) I am lazy at times
98) Crunchy peanut butter
99) I have a good heart
100) I could easily double this list

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