Site Rules

There seems to be a lot of confusion on what is considered good blog etiquette. To take the confusion out of it, I’ve taken some time to jot down a few things I think might help you. You can also consider this official notice on how to behave on my home on the web.

If you register/comment on this site, I do not sell or give away your information to 3rd-parties. Your info is strictly used for communication and registration. If you subscribe to my blog, you can un-subscribe at anytime by clicking the subscribe link again.

I am always flattered when I discover sites linking to me. Anyone is welcome to link to me from their personal site if they so wish, you do not need my permission.  However, links to sites intended to generate business, search engine rankings, or porn are NOT allowed and will be deleted. I reserve the sole right to decide what is/isn’t appropriate for my site.

First time comments are held for moderation. Commenting on my blog is encouraged and welcomed.  Once you leave a comment, it becomes my property. As a registered user, you always have the option of managing your profile and comments through the WordPress control panel. Whether you agree or disagree with me is not important as how you behave. You can vehemently disagree with me or others without being ugly, mean-spirited, or flat out hateful. I rarely delete comments as I like to get perspective.  That said, direct attacks or anything that falls into the above mentioned no-no’s gets deleted without a second thought. If I deem your behavior to be inappropriate, I will usually try to warn you and offer you a chance to play nice. Continued bad behavior will get you banned. To date, I can count the number of people I’ve banned from this site on one hand (with the below exception).

You are not allowed to spam this site. Any content deemed by me to be spam is automatically deleted.


That’s pretty much it folks. I might not be the “norm” when it comes to bloggers, but I try to fall back on two axioms that seem to serve me well.

1. Treat others the way you would like to be treated.
2. Don’t make assumptions.  Ask if you have a question or are unsure what to do.

Happy blogging!