We Can Rebuild Him…

I thought I’d share my x-rays for all to see how bionic I am now. hehehe

Broken Bone - Closeup

This is the best one.  Notice how much the two bones are overlapping.  I would have lost a significant amount of motion had I not opted for the surgery.  Also, take a close look at the top bone.  There is a tiny broken piece sticking off the end.  This one was completely loose and just sort of floating between the muscles.  The doc had originally planned to remove it but ended up keeping it. 


Broken Bone

This one was to check my ribs.  While 2 of them got bruised up quite a bit there were no fractures.  Yay!  I was scared I’d end up with a flail segment (read very painful).  I also found out my 2nd rib had been broken before unbeknownst to me.  He said the injury was so old it could have happened when I was a child. 



And here is the finished product.  The metal looks a tad larger than it actually is from the angle and the refraction. [1]Metal and bone are of different density hence they refract differently  Notice the little roundish looking blob of metal.  That is actually a screw holding the tiny piece that was broken off completely.  The doc says the breaks were clean enough he could keep it.  Now notice the line on the bottom of the bone.  See how even it looks?  That means the bone should heal up nicely.  The doc says I should retain about 98% of the motion and range. 

Sadly, it will be a least a month if not two before I’m hitting the weights with any significant intensity.  I go back in 3 weeks for physical therapy (if needed).  The good news is I’ll still be able to lift weights in the future.  Had I not had the surgery that would not have been the case. 


I had several folks asking why I was planning on getting another bike.  Well, the easiest answer is because I want one. *G*  I find the question a bit odd actually.  No one ever asks a person who survives a car crash why they are getting another car.  heeheee


Remind me some day soon to regale you with the gory tribulations of trying to perform normal bodily functions/maintenance w/just one hand.  lol 


1 Metal and bone are of different density hence they refract differently

On The Mend



Short and sweet, I’m doing better today. 

The longer version:
For those not in the know, I had shoulder surgery this past Wednesday to repair my collar bone.  I also got a nice metal plate to cover the bone. [1]I can’t wait till I fly again.  TFA came into town (on his birthday no less) to stay with me.  He had already planned to be here however, he deserves a recommendation for sainthood after putting up w/my constant up/down emotions.  That said, I can’t tell you how much better I felt having him here.  He stayed with me thru the surgery and made sure I got home safe/sound. 

I’m sad to say all of the friends who did sit around with me got to see my really cranky side.  Not towards them mind you, and I’m by no means a nasty person but, anyone outside my immediate bubble was an easy target for my anger.  I really am a big baby when I get hurt/sick. 

Anyway, yesterday the pain was almost unbearable.  I pushed my 4 hour limit all day long for taking pain meds.  Moving was almost impossible and trying to function in any capacity was a struggle.

Today was much better.  I was in about half as much pain and moving around did not send pain down my spine.  I got out of the apt a couple times and even found the energy to catch up on my blogroll a bit.

I must say all the well-wishes from everyone has totally blown me away.  I’m not yet able to type out replies to everyone but I want you all to know how grateful I am.  The replies and good thoughts brought me to tears more than a few times.

The doc says I’ll be back at work in about 2 weeks but the working out will have to wait several months.  I’m sad about that but it is what it is. 

Ok, I’ve reached my limit for typing w/o pain, more later and again thank you all so very much for checking in on me and well wishes!


1 I can’t wait till I fly again.


I went for a 100 mile ride today. The weather was so beautiful I just couldn’t stop. I normally drive over to Stinson Beach which is only about 20 miles North of the city. Today, I was leapfrogging w/two other riders I happened upon along the way and kept right on going. Next thing I know we’ve already passed the 50 mile marker. One guy was being a show off and ended up speeding off after discovering the other guy and myself wasn’t on his level. The other guy slowed next to me and I could see the smirk on his face. He and I stayed together for about 40 more miles before pulling over for a break. He was a young fucker but damn if he wasn’t hot. We ended up stopping at Bodega Bay.
View Larger Map We grabbed a snack and hung out talking about our bikes for awhile. He had a 500 as well so we were evenly matched for a ride. At one point, he asked if my girlfriend liked the fact I ride. I said, "well the boyfriend doesn’t much care for motorcycles". He didn’t even blink and said, "damn why is it all the good riders I meet are gay guys?" I guess my jaw must have dropped because he laughed. Turns out the last 3 guys he met on the same strip were all gay. Who knew?

Moby in gear
Moby Gear

I took my camera but like a dumbass I left the storage card in the laptop AT HOME. I wanted to get a couple pics of the hottie. Didn’t happen sadly. However, since someone decided I had too many self pics on the blog, I thought I’d show a couple more of me. These were taken at home after I got back. I think I look worn out (cause that is how I feel).

Gear 2.0
Moby Gear

Anyway, Grant (his name) wanted to keep going but I knew I was at my limit and it was getting dark. He was all bummed out when I declined to go with him on up the coast. I was tempted let me tell ya! Well, until he said he wanted me to meet his girlfriend. "Oh my, look at the time, gotta go!" We did exchange numbers. He lives in Sausalito just over the bridge. It would be nice to have another riding buddy. He says he goes on Sundays often which works w/my schedule.

Overall, it was an awesome ride. Hwy 1 is nothing but curves the whole way which makes for some fun. I’m glad I came back when I did because it got dark and chilly toward the end and I only had my mesh jacket on.

So what did you do today?