Get With It Already…

So, the date went well. We had dessert first. *g* Besides that, He really is a sweet guy. I like hanging out with him as we can always have a conversation ‘afterwards’. It’s nice to be able to just enjoy someone’s company w/o expectation.

On a side note, can I just tell you something? I already like having Friday/Saturdays off. All the guys I see around that never seem to be available, suddenly are. I’m used to not having anything planned or to do, I was overwhelmed by the boys suddenly vying for my attention. *g*

I start with the new trainer on Monday. His schedule is a little tight so I have to get up a tad early. However, I see this as a test of my conviction to stick with it. I took the weekend off however, I expect by Friday, I’m gonna hurt all over.

Switching subjects completely now, I downloaded a new plugin for firefox. It’s call Scribefire. It basically, lets you blog directly from you browser window w/o the need to log into your blog. It works w/blogger, wordpress, typepad, etc. I like it so far. I tend to surf and blog at the same time so this little feature is a win win in my book. OH, I also added some little chat thingeys on the left. It does a better job of showing when I’m online via the various IM clients I use. You can still click the chat link if you don’t use a IM client but for those who do, I think this makes it a little more obvious.

3 thoughts on “Get With It Already…”

  1. Hey Moby, I love the little blinking chat indicators. Where did you get them? I want them too.

    Good luck with the trainer. You’ll have to keep us posted how it goes.

  2. Good luck with the trainer at the gym… I have a Golds Membership and have yet to use my free training sessions… though I go 3 or 4 times a week… Maybe I should… hmmm
    Also… I love having my weekends off… For so many years I had to work weekends. You are right about opening a whole new door on a social life when you have weekends off. You get to see so many more professional people you may not get to see if you are out during t he week… anyway… tha is a good post topic… I may use it today… hmmm sorry for the long post… good luck with the gym and the dating

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