I’m Legal (Again)

With Amazon’s addition of DRM-free mp3’s for download, I’ve once again joined the ranks of people who purchase music.  When the RIAA went ballistic over downloadable content, I stopped buying music.  That was 7 years ago.  I stopped mainly out of principle as I’ll be damned if I’m gonna give someone my hard-earned cash and have them tell me when, where, and how I can play my music.  No thank you.1

The turn around regarding DRM music supports what I’ve said all along.  If you give people an easy and convenient way to do the right thing, they will.  Most of us have no desire to steal from record labels or artists.  There will always be those who feel the need to "stick it to the man" and get around paying for stuff.  Get over it already.  The majority has spoken and the record labels, it seems, are finally listening.  For those that continue to favor old distribution methods and ignore emergent technology out of greed, shame on ya.  I’ll see ya in the poor house.  /rant

I just downloaded both albums from the Scissor Sisters.  I saw them perform here in SF back before they made it big.  If you’ve never seen them, they are very over the top. lol  However, the music is pretty damn good as well.  Now I guess I have to install one of those little programs that displays what I’m listening to at the moment or what I’m downloading.  Naaaaah.

  1. I found it very ironic I could legally copy digital content off the radio for free but downloading it directly was illegal. []

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  1. I wish i could look that cool in a head cap 🙁 I heart scissor sisters (i’m a recent convert as well) Are you familiar with Mika? You may like him if you like SS. I primarily get new tunes (as rare as I do) from iTunes, but rarely seek out new tunes or stuff unless exposed to it forcefully by friends, as I have so much music I love, already own and rarely get to listen to, even with my iPod, iphone and mac top always within reach and loaded with all my tunes…sigh…

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