I’ve finally started adding new blogs to my RSS reader again. I’ve been blog hopping1 and found a few new ones that struck my fancy. Its been a while and I guess I was overdue. I also deleted a few that haven’t been updated in months.

I’ve gotten a few questions about where my blogroll went after switching to the new blog database. I decided not to add it back as it got a bit childish at times. I’d find blogs that linked to me and then discover later they’d remove me if I didn’t link back. I used to auto-follow but now that I have so many, I only follow blogs that I actually read. It isn’t meant as an insult or anything negative and shouldn’t be taken that way. And if you read my linking rules, you already know that.

Oh, and I’m doing one of “those” posts later this week. You better be logged in beyotches!

  1. hopping from link to link []

7 thoughts on “New”

  1. I really like your attitude about linking, I link to sites of interest to me to share with my readers/peeps….

    If someone wants a link on my site they add something to the discussion and they will be linked then….seems pretty simple to me….

  2. Yea whatever bitchass – you deleted me long ago!

    I would still do ya tho = )


    @Ynager65 ~ Nuh-uh. Sadly, the change over to the new database did not bring the old registered user accounts. You have to re-register. Sowwie. *hugs*

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