Well I guess it was inevitable. brettcajun has finally overtaken Large Tony in referrals to my blog. lol I know Brett will be happy as he has been scheming for years on how to overthrow Tony. And, for the first time in his life, Brett gets to finally say, “I’m on top!” heh heh

In other boring statistical analysis news, my poor blog has finally dropped below 20,000 unique hits in any given month. *sniffle*  I guess it was inevitable since I haven’t mentioned the words “porn” or “sex” in a while.1 Well that and I haven’t really been blogging as much lately. ANY-way…

The blogging bug seems to be nagging at me again so expect to see more updates. I might even do a new video, who knows? lol

  1. Seriously, even just mentioning either word spikes the hits []