I’ve finally decided to move forward with the teeth work I’ve been putting off for years. Structurally, they are all fine but cosmetically they need some work. lol I’ve been putting it off and putting it off and I figure it is time to bite the bullet. (pun intended)

Due to some traumatic injuries playing football in high school, I’ve had a slightly crooked grill since. Nothing major or gross but still crooked. On top of that, I want to get veneers for the front grill to make’em all nice and ‘purdy.

I’ve been putting off braces for obvious reasons ie I hate going to the dentist. lol It also happens to interfere with certain skills.1  Now, thanks to modern technology and lower prices, I can go with invisilign so as not to cause problems. Once that is done I’ll work on the veneers.

The one hitch in the whole process is one of my top two front teeth. The tooth actually came completely out in the above mentioned injury. Knowing it was my permanent tooth, I promptly shoved it back in in the hopes it would grow back. As luck would have it, it did. Unfortunately, after a root canal, the tooth died inside. It is structurally sound but if I start moving it around, it may come out. I’ll see what the Orhto doc recommends but I’m prepared to move into a replacement if he deems it necessary. I can’t even whiten my teeth too far right now because of this same tooth. Being dark on the inside, if I whiten my teeth too much the lone tooth would stand out like a sore thumb. lol

Anyway, I plan on getting a referral for an Ortho doc at my yearly cleaning in a couple weeks. I’m nervous as all hell about it but it is time. I’m 42 this next year and while not an overly vain creature, I’d like to have my teeth look nice. My insurance will cover the braces but the cosmetic work will be all out of pocket. I figure I can put in some overtime to cover it.

If anyone has had veneers done, I’d appreciate your feedback!

  1. You laugh but I ain’t joking. I can’t go 18 months w/o. lolol []

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