First off, my DSL is STILL down. SBC can go @#$%! themselves for all I care. If its not up tomorrow, I’m canceling and going w/Comcast, fee or no fee. The service is active but I keep getting the run-a-round as to why its not working. Its either their server or server connection…blah blah blah. I just want my freaking DSL working already. I’m like an addict w/o his drugs here….

On a depressing note, looks like I’ll be moving AGAIN. Yes, you read it right, AGAIN! As if I didn’t have enough drama in my life right now. This past thur/fri, I moved my stuff into the new place. Along the way, I encounted a few problems.

Problem #1:
The U-haul truck breaks down and has to be towed back to the yard. As luck would have it, it was half full so I got to reload it onto a new truck. [1]Oh the joy! The saving grace to all the drama w/the truck is I ended up not paying a dime. At least I got a small silver lining on this cloud.

Problem #2:
I finally get to the new place and the owner isn’t out yet. He was supposed to be out the first week of November. Here it is the 13th and he is still dragging his feet. Not unsurmountable but still annoying.

Problem #3: (and yes, I saved the best for last)
He leaves a lease agreement on the table for me to “look over” and sign. After moving my stuff in all day, I finally take a look at it and discover out of nowhere, he wants 3 months worth of rent up front. Basically, first months rent and then 2 more months as a deposit.

Now let me clarify at this point, HE came to me asking if I wanted to move into his place so he’d have someone he trusted in the house. He actually bent over backwards to make the offer appealing enough to me so I’d actually move. (The house is in the ‘burbs of SF and I like being in the center of the city) At no time does he ever discuss a deposit. It was all discussed as a verbal agreement between friends. Frankly, I wasn’t ready to move. I had given the idea some thought w/the breakup and all but hadn’t made any serious plans. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind paying a deposit or signing a lease but, 3 MONTHS! Thats fucking ridiculous. So after several arguments (I use the term “argument” loosely at this point) the deal is off and I’m looking for yet another place. I’m so annoyed I think I could really just snap if someone pushes me this week. I’ll probably end up here for at least 2 months while I save up money and search for a place. And just in time for Christmas. Merry fucking Christmas!

At this point, I’ve had some time to calm down. I should mention there have been some bright spots in my week as well. The ex is out of course. He moved in w/his best friend so at least that’s over. I discovered an old collection account from Cingular has been removed from my credit. Apparently, Cingular lost a class action law suit over unfair business practices and improperly charging customers. Score one for the little guys!

On a completely unrelated note, I made a casual date w/this hottie I often see at the gym. (No no drama fans, I’m not rushing into anything. Just a casual date for fun.) So maybe next week well go a little better! Hope springs eternal….


1 Oh the joy!

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