Stuffing & Trimmings

Happy Turkey Day to those who celebrate it. Hope it was enjoyable for you. Overall, mine was good. I was a little sad this morning. I missed waking up next to my ex. He loves to cook and always made a big feast on Turkey Day. Ok, I’ll admit it, I miss him. I considered calling him but I thought that might come across wrong so didn’t.

I spent the day w/a bud from work and he put out a really good feast. I got to meet his new bf and his roommate. I also got to meet his roommate’s very handsome brother alas, he was straight. It was only 7 people total so it made for a nice intimate evening.

Anyway, I’m just home from the festivities, my belly is full, my eyes are blurry and I’ll probably call it an early night. Gobble Gobble!