I’m in a mood today. I seem very antsy and haven’t quite nailed the reason(s) why yet. Having not felt this way in a while, its annoying the frell out of me.

Life has been keeping me a bit distracted lately so I haven’t worked on the new template much. No biggie as life should come first. You’ll just have to suffer thru the boring template for now I’m afraid. I used a site building tool thats bundled w/my domain to throw something together but I don’t really like it. Wrong colors and just not me. You can check it out at This is my old domain which I eventually plan to phase out.

I did manage to get quite a bit of the domestic crap done over the weekend. I’m home now waiting for my groceries to show up. I absolutely detest domestic chores. The worst being laundry. UGH! Anyway, I’m hoping the delivery guy shows up soon as I want to hit the gym today. I seem to be 100% recovered from the flu. I wonder if thats why I’m feeling ansy?