Gym Tips II

So here is one more small tip I have for the gym novices out there. Ok, well not even for novices. This is for anyone who goes to the gym.

Puh-lease! for the love of toast, spare the cologne when you are planning on working out. If you wanna do your fellow gym bunnies a favor, invest in a strong acting, light smelling anti-persperant and forgo the cologne.

Picture courtesy of Steamworks Online
*no this isn’t him but I thought it was a nice pic*

Today, I’m working out and this rather attractive fellow comes up next to me and starts his Jane Fonda routine. Meaning he was working AT working out, not really making a real effort. I normally could care less but every time he lifted his arms I got a blast of his overpowering cologne. I kept my tongue as I was almost done anyway. Afterwards, I couldn’t wait to blog about it. If you are that worried about stink, take a freaking shower before you work out.

4 thoughts on “Gym Tips II”

  1. I was always amazed by the cologne thing and also women who work full makeup to the gym. I try not to do either!

  2. What’s really ironic is that they are worried about the stink, when cologne and heavy sweat mixed is even stinkier than either by itself. And who goes to a gym expecting to not get a whiff of somebody’s sweaty stink. It’s like going in an Itlaian restuarant and complaining about the smell of garlic. It goes with the territory.

  3. I’ve got problems with both colognes and perfumes (they tend to agrevate my asthma and the cheaper the product, the more it sets me off) so I prefer NOT to be around any of it. I hate to think how I’d react in a gym.

  4. Gee, I thought Cologne was a city in another country. I’m a pig, I prefer the scent of sweat over cologne anyday.

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