Tim & Tim / Meanderings

I got a flood of emails from my profile post yesterday. Guess I hit a nerve! All I can say to that is if the shoe fits wear it, bi-yatch!

Yesterday, lunch was spent w/Tim W. He took me down to Daly City for all-you-can-eat sushi as a belated b’day present. We both got full, caught up a bit, and just enjoyed the time together. I forgot to bring my camera. He wanted to see how much sushi I could put away. On a site note, he is going thru a bad patch at the moment so keep him in your thoughts!

Today, I had lunch w/southern Tim. I haven’t seen him lately so it was nice to see his shiny face. I was on the phone w/the movers when he showed up for lunch. Damn, if that hussy didn’t sit and eat most of my food. “Oh, I’ll just sit and hang out while you eat.” My ass! I got back at him though. He gets so embarassed hearing about my sexual exploits so I make sure to keep him up-to-date whenever I can. *eg* He was also gracious enough to volunteer to help me move. I’m recommending him for sainthood. Just as soon as I get to church again.

And speaking of the move, I broke down and scheduled a moving crew to do most of the work. Since one of my so called friends from work (dirty traitor) backed out and the other is out of town, I figured it would save me some grief. I just need to get in gear and finish packing. The more I get done before they show up the less I have to pay. I budgeted for $400.00 and I’m damned and determined to keep to it! Tomorrow, I’m gonna spend most of the day packing (I’m such a procrastinator) since I’ve kept putting it off.

As expected, my gym time has improved a lot this month. Everyone seems to be noticing (except for southern Tim, thanks a lot skank!) so I guess I’m doing good. As soon as things settle a bit, I’ll post some more self-pics. I do seem to be getting more attention lately. I’d be lying like a hoe if I said I didn’t enjoy it. Of course, there are so many hotties at the gym to keep me aspiring for more. I noticed one new guy today. OMG was he hawt! Tall, built, vshape waistline, broad chest/shoulders, and just exuding masculinity like sweat. I nearly got the vapors! All in vain, of course, as he is straight. I can still fantasize though right?

And on that bent, my sex life has improved as of late. It’s amazing what having free time can do for ya. Another area I’m trying to enjoy as much as I can for now. After I start the EMT gig, I’ll be lucky to squeeze in enough time to jerk it much less hookup w/some one else. I’m waiting till after the move to begin the EMT search in earnest. I’ve put a few calls in but nothing major yet.

And if you haven’t noticed, I’m in a good mood today. Life is going smoothly at the moment and I’m trying to soak up as much joy from it as I can.