Changing Schedule

So in anticipation of my changing schedule,1 I’m already altering my gym routine.  The last time I was on a 4-10 shift, I really struggled to keep up with a consistent work-out schedule.  I’m hoping to prevent that this time around.  Instead of working muscle groups, I’ll work 1 primary muscle a day (along w/supporting muscles).  I’ll also increase the frequency of days in the gym to make up for the shorter workouts.  I’m hoping these two changes will help me cope with the lack of free time on work days.  *crossed fingers*

For all my setbacks this year, I have done a decent job of keeping to a consistent schedule.  The motorcycle accident set me way back but I managed to bounce back.  The one good thing from the accident is I managed to get myself into doing more cardio.  It has paid off as I’m a tad leaner than I’ve been in about 8 years.2

And for all my bitchin’, I am looking forward to the 3-day weekends again.  Especially, since I’ll have Fri/Sat/Sunday’s off.  It is a premium slot and I am grateful I could pull it.  I’m thinking Friday’s will by errand days.  Typical shit.  Lunches for the next week, chores around the house, beat off, blah blah blah…

  1. It changes the weekend of the 10th.
  2. Nothing major but I certainly don’t mind the 15 missing lbs