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Ok, I think ( I THINK ) I got the damn log in for Facebook to work now. If you are on FB, please click the log-in link in the sidebar on the right, under “universal log-ins”, and attempt to sign into my blog with your FB credentials. Don’t worry, I’m not culling any data. Its strictly to allow FB’ers to log in. I’m not sure if it will post back to your FB page or not. I’m tinkering with code that is beyond my understanding.

Please post your success rate along with any error messages you might encounter in the comments.


**Update – I found an error in some of the code I was using and have changed it. anyone who hasn’t already tried or tried and failed, please try again. **

**Update II – After tons of hours tinkering and no support from the site provider, I’m removing the FB option for universal sign-ins. It only works randomly and with no explanation of why it fails. If you wish to use universal log-ins, you’ll have to use one of the others provided. **

9 thoughts on “FB Log In”

  1. I got logged in but after authenticating my FB account, it still asked me for a email address also.

  2. I don't know what the hell is wrong with it. I did everything it said I was supposed to. I'm logged in under my own facebook account and its working fine. I guess I'll tinker a bit more and see what I can figure out. Anyone that is familiar with it, I'm happy to take suggestions.

  3. it might have asked for my email since I had not registered before. It might just not be programmed to pull an email address from FB's API and WordPress needs one for the login to succeed.

    I also noticed that your name in your comment links back to FB. Mine does not unless it just does not link back to the person that is logged in. When you view your comment, does "Mobius SF" link to your FB account?

  4. @Scott ~ I noticed that too. And yes it does link back to my FB account. UGH! Leave it to FB to make something so simple, overly complicated. Every OTHER site log-in works perfectly. I'm tinkering now.

  5. I got a bizarre thing that said "This facebook account hasn't provided an email" or something error, then it asked me to enter a valid email. When it did I think it logged me into the account I registered on here eons ago? I'm not sure, but that's an oolllldddd photo of me and not from facebook.

  6. @Dustin ~ I think that happens if your facebook account uses the same email that you already registered with as a user on my blog.

  7. The other thing I noticed is that Dustin and my FB has no links but has the FB icon next to our names. Yours links to FB but has not FB icon! ROFL

  8. @Moby Can you test logging back into my blog? I changed from Disqus to Google Friend Connect. So far it looks to integrate well with FB but would love a testes! 🙂

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