So Apple guy moved out this past weekend. He moved into a temporary place until he decides if he is moving back to Texas. We’ve been separated for awhile but have still been living together as he was having a hard time finding a stable job.

Anyway, I think the move is good for both of us. For myself, I’ll miss him but I need a break for a variety of reasons, the biggest being finances. His financial struggles often left me picking up the slack. I won’t lie, it’s been rough & I’m broke. lol I have a new roommate setup and he has had a stable job for awhile now so hopefully I can slowly recover. *crossed fingers & toes*

It’s odd being both sad and happy someone is gone. I will miss him and I obviously still care about his well-being. There is sense of comfort from being around someone you know well that is gone now. And while he certainly drives me nuts at times, the apt feels empty now. Even though we haven’t been together for awhile, I still want the best for him. On the flip side, the financial strain has gotten to me and I started to resent him for it. Now that he is out I feel like a weight has been lifted off my chest.

Anyway, he reminds me a lot of myself before I moved to SF. I was pretty much in the same boat. I was supporting myself but just barely and I didn’t have any real direction. Moving to SF was a big gamble for me. Luckily, it paid off. I hope the same for Apple guy. I hope he finds a spot to call home and gains the independence he needs. The boy is very smart so no matter where he goes I know he’ll land on his feet. He is currently leaning heavily towards moving back to Texas. His support base is there and he just seems to really miss it.

I’d like to think I learned a lot from our failed LTR. There were some heavy realizations that hit after our breakup. [1]More on these later. So ends another chapter in my life. I’m moving forward, wounds and all, with a positive outlook. I know I’ll recover. It isn’t a matter of if but when.


1 More on these later.