Quick & dirty post at the moment. I love when the spam bots try to tell a half-way believable story as part of their spam comments. It cracks me up reading some of them in my comment queue. Some even do a decent job of telling a story, however bizarre it sounds. Others just throw a bunch of words at you in attempt to fool the filters.

I do ponder the day when they get to the point where they can actually write simplistic but relevant comments! Lawd, we’s all in trouble then! lol

Happy weekend all!


I have to give one particular spammer credit. His comments are often somewhat relevant to my blog. His email and link fields are the give away of course. But what makes me laugh is while the comments are often relevant, they are 99% of the time posted to the wrong post. I’m curious to know what program or bot he uses because the comments are almost comprehensible enough to be written by a live human…almost.

Sadly (for him), the filters are adequate enough to catch 100% of his many comments and they get moved to the trash bin w/o fail. Should you happen to be reading this, maybe if you tried spamming less, your comments would get thru.