It’s that time a year again. I’m starting to send out Christmas/Holiday cards. If you would like to be added to my card list, please email, text, or message me. Don’t leave your mailing addresses as a comment obviously. I got a few back last year so if you have moved you might want to let me know. A big thank you again to the anonymous person who bought me the Destiny game last year. That was very kind of you. I definitely have played it a lot. No really, a lot! Hehe So your gift went to good use.

I always try to send out non-religious cards as I don’t always know what each person celebrates, but if I send you a card that isn’t quite in line with your religious celebration, apologies in advance. I’ve never gotten a complaint but I do try to keep it simple. I’m not religious so I try to avoid overly religious cards anyway. I’m sure it’s the thought that counts but if you read me for any length of time, you know I’m not a hyper-PC type person anyway.

Sending cards is my favorite part of the holiday. If you’ve gotten a card from me before, you know it’s a bit of a tradition and I do it with a little flair. For my blog readers, I try to go over their comments/emails from the year while I’m doing their card. It always makes me feel more connected to them. I’m probably the only weirdo that does that but I find it enjoyable. It also seems to jump start my holiday spirit. Of course, I have to put on holiday music and eggnog [1]or just some good booze is usually on hand as well.

I’d say it’s probably the only thing I really look forward to over the Xmas holiday. Some years I don’t even do a tree, I just dig out the non-tree decorations and setup up around the apt. I always put out all the cards though.  I put them up as soon as I receive them. It’s probably the only time of the year I go to the post office more than once every few weeks.

What odd tradition do you have?


1 or just some good booze

Cards 2.0

I mentioned a while back I was getting ready to do Xmas cards. I said I’d remind everyone again and here it is. hehe

If you want a card from little ole me make sure I have your mailing info, even if you think I have it. I’ll be doing my little ritual soon. Don’t post it publicly obioiusly. lol Email, text, or private msg me. hehe


The Pup and I are both working on Christmas day, which is fine. I’m working Christmas day. I don’t mind as they pay me well for it. Another great thing about him, like me, he doesn’t get all worked into a frenzy over the idea of a holiday. We’ll do our own little moments of appreciation and celebration and that is the important part.