Whats In Your MP3 Player?

I often see people post their playlists from their mp3 players so I thought I’d give it a whirl. First, I don’t have ipod. I have a thing for simplicity and even a little synchronicity thrown in for good measure. I use my Ipaq 6315 phone/pda as my mp3 player. It serves as an all-in-one device for me which is perfect!

So anyway, this weeks list:

1. Madonna – Die Another Die
2. Tom Jones – Sex Bomb (remix)
3. Amber – We need to be Naked (remix)
4. Sophie – Murder On The Dance Floor
5. Moony – Dove (original mix)
6. Sugar Babes – Round & Round (extended mix)
7. Elvis vs JXL – A Little Less Conversation.
8. The Tamperer – Can You Feel It.
9. Dina Carroll – Without Love
10. ? – The Ketchup song
11. M People – One Night In Heaven (Oakenfeld remix)
12. Alice Deejay – Celebrate Our Love.
13. Cher – The Music’s No Good W/O You. (my fave)
14. Lio – Rapture
15. Kylie Minogue – Better The Devil You Know
16. 3SL – Take It Easy
17. Jean Jacques Smoothie – 2 People
18. Atomic Kitten – It’s Ok
19. Madonna – Impressive Instant
20. M People – Search For The Hero Inside Yourself (Vasquez remix)
21. H & Claire – DJ
22. Sophie Ellis Baxter – Take Me Home
23. Louise – 2 faced
24. The Faces – I Wish I Knew What You Know (remix)
25. Nora Jones – Don’t Know Why (remix)

2 thoughts on “Whats In Your MP3 Player?”

  1. Sounds like a great mix! My iPod has a bunch of broadway shit on it mixed in with some diva pop like Cher, Madonna, Bette, etc.. hehehe

  2. it sounds really great,but, where’s the heavy metal??
    where´s Placebo´s o Rammstein music??
    bye bye

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