Chance Encounters

On a completely shallow note, something funny happened today. I guess I should start out w/a little background history. I used to be very skinny. I mean bone skinny. I’ve been working really hard these last few years to really put on some muscle. Especially, this last year. And I have to say . . . its working. I’ve gained almost 2 inches on my chest and arms since January. I’m very proud of myself. Anyway, back to the story.

There is this guy I see at the gym often. I used to “cruise” him and he always gave me the cold shoulder. And not just indifference but sort of rude/snubby sort of way. So today, he comes up to me, asks my name, and wants to know if I’d like to “get together” sometime. (thats “lets boink” in hoe language)

The reason I bring it up is I was torn in my response. I wasn’t sure to be snubby and return the same cold shoulder he always gave me or to accept. I’m curious to see what others would do in the same scenario. I admit I’m still very attracted to him yet a part of me resents him for only wanting to know me now. It wasn’t like I was fat before or overly pushy in my “cruising”. I’m pretty quick on the uptake, if you don’t show any interest, I look elsewhere. What would you have done?

2 thoughts on “Chance Encounters”

  1. Please tell me you are not seriously going to put yourself through that lame type of encounter with a lame ass man in the gym who you know is driven only by what you have accomplished physically. He had no idea about the man you were or are now so I think you should be friendly and of course look great but right past him onto someone else. Just my opinion. ~paul

  2. Who knows why this guy finally came up to you and asked you to get together? You could be making assumptions about why he did so when he did it. Yes, we can sometimes read other’s body language and attitude, but it’s a nasty game to assess other’s motives without really knowing. Everyone operates on his own fears and subtle prejudices sometimes, but it may not define who they are or it may be transitory. I say that if the guy is hot for you now, then check it out with a clean-slate attitude. You might get to know what really makes him tick, and it might be hot to boot!

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