Ignunce Rears It’s Ugly Head

This is an old subject for me. However, it has just dawned on me, I’ve never really mentioned it on any of my rants here. I take the issue of religion and being gay to heart. I spent a large chunk of my adolescent life searching for a balance between what I thought were the teachings of the Almighty and my own conscience.

Today’s nonsense is courtesy of an interesting blog from Dunner. Dunner often offers some great insights into every day occurrences which is probably why I read his blog daily. But I digress, the topic stems from an old article posted at the LaCrosse Tribune in Wisconsin. Specifically, regarding a Ms. Peaslee’s ongoing rants about the do’s and don’ts of living a godly christian life. Or more specifically, Ms. Peaslees complete fascination with “homosexuals”. (At this point, I’d like to refer Ms. Peaslee to my good friend Betty Bowers, whom I’m told has a much more intimate connection to Jesus.)

I digress, the topic stems from an article posted by Ms. Peaslee condemning homosexuals. Now take into account, the articles are a bit old and apparently Ms. Peaslee doesn’t post many opinions these days. Anyway, after reading thru Ms. Peaslee’s ongoing rants a picture started to unfold. A picture of a lonely bitter shell of a woman, trapped by her empty and futile life, trying desperately to regain some modicum of control by lashing out at anything she fears or doesn’t understand. Ms. Peaslee’s undying conviction and righteousness is reminiscent of my own childhood. Not because I had any such convictions mind you. No, I was constantly surrounded by those claiming to be the mighty servants of the Almighty. Servants who, in reality, were tiny frail human beings desperately trying to shake their own feelings of inadequacy by attacking anyone who threatened to upset their delicate convictions. Of course, that includes gays/lesbians as well. Ya know, I’m amazed I survived childhood w/any sort of sanity left about me. I digress again, apologies. It’s really quite easy to turn the tables against such simpletons. My favorite, and most annoying choice is by using the very item that they hold most dear, the bible. When Jesus came, he told his followers, “the old law is dead to you [meaning the old testament], your new covenant is with me”. (For those of you not up on the bible. The Old Testament is where most of the supposed “condemnations” against gays are found.) Last time I checked scripture, Jesus taught love, acceptance, and tolerance of all. It always amazes me the power such a simple statement can have over the religious not-so-right. The other option tends to be a little more complex. You have to purchase or at least find an original translation of the bible. Keep in mind the bible was originally written in Aramaic, Hebrew, and Greek. Once you start reviewing these so called “gay scriptures”, you find that very few actually refer to gays/lesbians and fewer still offer any sort of condemnation or “eternal fire” for the “abominations”. To this day, it still mystifies me how such a simple truth is so well hidden from the masses. And what annoys me, is that many of the religious “powers that be” have to know what they are teaching is a fallacy.

Ok, I’ve beat this holy horse to death. I’ve off my rocker now.