Living “On the Grid”

This rant hit me after reading the tribulations of another blogger. Apparently, there has been a recent outbreak of yahoo accounts being hacked. This particular person ended up having some of his financial information compromised and had to make a mad dash to change all his pin numbers, etc.

So my question is…How on-the-grid do you live? Me? I’m plugged in to the hilt. Being a total techie, I’d say I spend a good 40% of my free time online. Blogging, chatting, reading news, info gathering, cruising, etc. However, being a previous victim of identity theft, I’m also pretty diligent about changing my passcodes often. I forget sometimes just how much of me is out there. To this day, I can still find listings of places I’ve lived as far back as 10 years ago, just by going online and doing a search. Kinda scary if ya think about it.