No Nonsense to Report

Today was so-so. Gym, work, home. Work is ok, have a trainee again this rotation so busy w/her. Only thing worth mentioning is my troubles w/bluetooth. As you know, I have the new laptop coming which is due to arrive later this week. Well with that comes a free USB Printer. Which of course means one more wire snaking under the desk.

I decided to invest in a bluetooth dongle to help alleviate some of the freakin’ wires. If I can convert the PDA cradle and the new printer to bluetooth that does away w/4 wires. I can’t wait for everything to go bluetooth or wifi. Anway, so I get home from work and I’m setting up the PDA to sync wirelessly. . . Of course, the darn thing doesn’t do what it is supposed to do. I end up playing with it for well over an hour before I get it working correctly. When the printer arrives, I’m sure that will be a new challenge.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bitching. I actually get a kick out of troubleshooting gadgets. I usually come away w/a much larger understanding of the inner workings. I just wish it didn’t pick the most inopportune times to happen. Now of course, none of the laundry is done. *G*