Today’s Ramblings

I’m feeling pretty good about myself today. I’m slowly getting stuff unpacked, etc. I’m doing my darndest to get back into an everyday routine again. For an Aquarian, thats an odd thing but, I need some stability right now.

Its nice to see all the Xmas blogs going around. I won’t be spending much this Xmas on pressies as I’m flat broke. That said, I’m more into the spirit of it anyway so I’m not really upset over it. Not to mention, I’m normally a big spender so I think my friends/family can bear w/me this year. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m blue over the ex not being here but, life does go on right?

Anyway, as expected my DSL is down. This time both the phone line and the DSL are screwed up. The tech is coming tomorrow to look into it. Luckily, someone in the area has an open access point so I’ve been able to piggy back via wifi for the last couple of days. That said, the signal is weak so I keep losing it. I’m amazed how much technology I take for granted in my everyday life. Not only that, I’m always surprised at how quickly wifi has been adapted by the masses. I’m on the 5th floor and I can pick up 5-9 wifi points at any given time. All are encrypted so I can use’em but, thats alot!

Gotta cut this one short as it is time to head off to work.