SCANDAL! – And the Karma Rebounds

I got Saturday/Sunday off on my sign up! I can’t freaking believe it!

Ok, for those of you who read often, [1]all 11 of you you know I got a crappy deal on my last sign up. I ended up w/Thursday/Fridays off after having Sunday/Mondays off for a year. Well, thru a strange fluke of scheduling and a few people out on extended leave, I got Saturday/Sundays off this time! For someone w/my seniority to get a full weekend off is unheard of. I’ve only got 4 years on the books. I’m about midway up the list. To be honest, I’d probably rather have Sunday/Monday. I get a weekend day for play and a workday to get errands and crap done. That said, I’ll probably never see a weekend slot again for at least another year so I figured why not go for it. Enjoy it while I can.

For me, this is a glaring example of my karma coming back to me in a good way. I tried so hard to be a better person thru the breakup and all the crap that came down thru the end of 2004. I’m just so pleased at the moment, not much else to say. Wahoooooo!


1 all 11 of you