Wash or Dash

I seem to have some sort of fascination w/bathrooms this week. I was watching a movie at the AMC theatre yesterday and I had to use the restroom. Upon my completion I’m washing up and I noticed something. So, I thought I’d put it to a test. If you work or play in a busy area and tend to frequent public restrooms, keep an eye on how many guys actually wash their hands after taking a piss.

I’ve always been a washer. I wash my hands when I’m finished doing my biz. No matter if its #1 or #2. I’ve noticed that on the norm, gay guys tend to wash their hands more often than straight guys. That said, even some of my gay friends are dashers. Meaning they zip and dash w/o a single glance at the wash receptacle.

At work, I notice the same thing. However, I do tend to see more people wash in general. Still the ratio from gay/straight is always higher. I’m curious as to why that is. Any thoughts?