Evil Smokers

**If you are a smoker, you probably shouldn’t read this post as I’m sure to offend w/my comments below.**

That said, I absolutely detest cigarettes and everything that comes w/that. I grew up in a house w/both parents smoking. Lucky for me, I never picked up the nasty habit. So for those of you who do smoke and you went ahead and read this against my advice, I have just a few suggestions for ya.

1) No one thinks it is cool that you can talk w/your cigarette in your mouth.
2) The next time you wonder “whats wrong w/me?” Its not you, its the cigs.
3) No, it is not polite to stand in a crowd and just spew nasty smoke into the air.
4) What is the point of going outside if you stand in front of the door & let the smoke blow right back into the building?
5) No, I’m not moving away from you because you’re ugly, you stink.
6) No, I don’t have a light. Not everyone has such a disgusting habit.

I’m leaving the Castro today and I’m standing on the corner waiting for the light. Idiot Smoker walks up and stands just in front of me and then blows out a huge lung full of smoke, which of course, blows right into my face. I let him have it! Needless to say, I didn’t make a new fan. Nasty, filthy, disgusting habit. I think I’d rather have my head set on fire and put out w/a sledge hammer than smoke a cigarette. blech!

Offended? Well, I told you not to read.

One thought on “Evil Smokers”

  1. Being asthmatic, I agree with you wholeheartedly. Until they passed the non-smoking law in CA, I couldn’t go into a bar, a comedy club or any of the fun, gay places because they were thick with smoke, and I’d start choking after a minute or two. If I’d run into that guy, I’d probably have punched him in the face.

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