Hello world!

I’ve discovered that “Hello World” is the first term that programmers learn to recreate when learning to code. It has been driving me nuts seeing the same statement over and over again throughout the code as I’m try to learn PHP.

Here is the first official shot w/the new camera.

What a Mug?

As you can tell I got the new camera. It arrived yesterday right after I left for work. Of course, I had to take a pic of the annoying construction that woke me up at 8:30am bright and early.


You have to understand I live in a noisey area so I expect some noise. You also begin to understand why I look so hungover in the first pic. *g* I often sleep w/one ear plug in to keep the noise to a sleepable (my new word for the day) level. If you look closely, you’ll see this guy pushing a little bitty motorized thing inside the section of the street that is all torn up. That tiny insignificant little bastard was louder than a harley at full throttle!

On a good note, it is a beautiful day here in the city! The sun is out and it is a balmy 64 degrees out. So trying to make the best of it, I trudged off to the gym. I managed to strain a muscle in my back. (or is it the side?) You know the muscles that line the side of your abdomen on both sides, that one but closer to the shoulder. OY! it hurt. Don’t EVEN ask me how I managed to do that when I was working my chest today. I still managed a decent workout so all was not lost.

Changing topics, you’ll notice the shoutbox has moved up the sidebar. I was given strict orders by Tim to move it closer up as he just hates scrolling down for it and also fears his comments aren’t being viewed properly. God forbid the huzzy should get her own blog. Noooo, he is too busy running mine. (and you know it is only w/love that I say these things Tim)

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