Half Way There!

Boy am I glad! The test is over finally! I think I did well and I know I aced the patient assessment part. I was nervous but my hard work paid off. Actually, my study partner and I got the highest score in the class on the assessment part. I won’t know the results on the written until next week. One guy totally bombed it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t unexpected. He doesn’t seem all that quick and does nothing to help himself by having text message conversations on his phone during lectures.

That said, a very loooong week of mad studying comes to a close. No test next week obviously so I get a welcome rest. The ex and I are getting together for sushi tonight. (I need more Sushi-eating friends.)


I’m feeling much better. Been trying to get plenty of rest and it seems to be helping. I didn’t get full blown thankfully.

I left a ‘nice’ note for someone who took my wet clothes out of the dryer last night.

The trip to FTL is all planned. I just need to rent a car and I’m all set.

Oh, and I spilt water on the one porno I own (which is on VHS. I don’t own a VCR). Oh the loss…

More madness in the week…

One thought on “Half Way There!”

  1. *Congrats on the school thing!
    *Glad you’re feeling better!
    *Perhaps you need to check into asshole cards for your neighbour who took your laundry out. They provide a small amount of smug satisfaction. Now if only I could put them on cars going down the freeway at 65 mph.
    *OOooo I love vacations, I bet FL would be great at this time of year, barring any hurricanes of course :-s The Bf and I are planning on going to NYC between Thanksgiving and Christmas to see his family. He loves NYC at Christmas time so we’ll *have* to go see Rockefeller (sp?) center.
    *Time to move to DVDs isn’t it? Sadly, I’ve got a buttload of VHS too of my favourite movies. I’ve just been too poor(or cheap) to buy them on DVD. A decent DVD player could be had on sale nowadays for about $50 or so. Or get the Home-Theater-In-A-Box for about $150 and get the speakers too! However, they’re not all that great if you want to upgrade your home theatre system or hook up your HDTV cable box to the 5.1 speakers. No additional inputs 🙁 Shop wisely my son, I say.

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