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In an attempt to be more of a “topical blogger”, I’m adding some random news stories that struck my interest. They may or may not be top stories (usually on the “may not” side).

In local news, our very own MUNI is apparently planning to offer free wifi to the masses. However, the mayor expects a lawsuit from SBC and Comcast. Wouldn’t surprise me if they did. Selfish stingy bastards that they are. People are always going to want to pay for dependable service. So the big fear of municipalities taking away revenue is nothing more than a shameless attempt at a monopoly. Let’s hope Muni wins.

In not so local news, The Wyoming State Board of Pharmacy has rejected a proposed rule that would have allowed pharmacists to not fill prescriptions based on their personal beliefs. Had the motion passed, it would have allowed a pharmacist to refuse to fill or refill any prescription based on personal beliefs. So in other words, “…I don’t like you because you are gay or lesbian. I decide I’m not going to fill your life saving prescription.” This was a no brainer folks. I can’t believe some yahoo had the balls to submit it for consideration.

Dipshit Alert! Dipshit Alert! Courtesy of Good As You, Mr. Dipshit (aka I’m a former gay) has his nickers in a knot over all those damn gays on the tele.

America better wake up; that’s all I say. I don’t mean to sound harsh or angry, but it’s gotten to the point right now where homosexuality is just so accepted now, it’s being promoted on every television show.


For you pez fanatics out there, Pez has come out w/their new Pez MP3 player. How cool is that! It is MAC compatible but doesn’t mention itunes. Thought to ponder. It plays mp3’s wma/wmv files which is nice as you can play your existing collection as well as any “downloaded” music files as well. And the price is right at a low $99.00

Scientists have discovered that black holes aren’t quite the super over-eaters as previoulsy expected. The discovery shows that stars can actually form near blackholes. Who knew?!

3 thoughts on “News Flash”

  1. Steven Bennett (Mr. Dipshit) doesn’t mean to sound harsh and angry?? Let’s see, first he’s a fag, then he decides he’s not, finds Jesus, finds an ex lesbian who no doubt looks “respectable” in Laura Ashley, and hangs out around gay men more than ever. All of course in the name of the “ex gay cause”! That’s a bit of fuzzy logic.

    Steven, get laid…


  2. Hey Moby! This is a big change from you standard, but very informative … and pez? who woulda knew? 😀
    Safe travels on your trip to Fl

  3. Steve you are so right. I think he is pissed because he made all those fake changes for nothing! Karma!

    Scott – yeah I know, you shoulda seen my inbox when I got home. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m just a geek in a hoe’s body.

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