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Where did the weekend go? Seems like I just left work.

So tomorrow is my Monday. I’m back at it. I’ve only got 4 days till I’m on vacation. Wahoo!

Class is still going great. I made a 98 on my midterm! I was tickled pink. We lost 4 more students. The midterm was the deciding factor for some. Our class is down to 15 from 31. That said, the 15 left seem to be equally commited as I. I don’t think we’ll lose anymore.

Today, was spent mostly doing errands. Didn’t get much play time in. This blasted flue keeps lingering around. I’m not quiet sick but not back to a 100% either. I did get a good workout in at the gym today. I’ve really been disappointed w/gym schedule and am making a hard effort to get back at it. I also got my 3rd tan in today. I’m finally starting to show some color. I got 2 more to go before I leave.

I got home kinda late and didn’t feel like ordering out so I thought I’d cook something. Course, there was nothing in the fridge. Can I insert here how much I love Whole Foods? Not for everyday shopping as I can’t afford it. However, their meat/seafood section is unriveled. As expected, they had a plethera of meats. Pre-marinated and everything.

So here is my latest creation.
Chef Moby Strikes Again!
Chef Moby Strikes Again!

Not much else to report. Just dinner and a movie to finish off the evening.

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  1. Congrats on the test score! We don’t have a Whole Foods down here in TooStoned (although there’s two up in the Flea-nix area) but we have a couple of Sunflower which seem pretty durn nifty. They carry a frozen broccoli cheese filo pie which is great.

    One day, I’ll get around to seeing that Batman flick.

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