Big Mouth

I was a bit irritable during class last week. (Had a light case of pharyngitis it seems) I actually let my temper get the best of me regarding a classmate. I normally ignore it as I like to focus on my education vs the shortcomings seen in others. I think part of the problem is I’m sorta disappointed w/my class as a whole. I’ve invested alot of myself into my training. For me, its not just some class I’m taking. I’m working towards a goal to better myself. It has sorta been a shock that not everyone else sees it that way. Our class dwindled over the past few months. Even a few people I thought were in it for the long haul are gone. If nothing else, I paid good money for this class. The least I can do is make an effort to pass.

So back to the story. This particular guy is nice enough. He just has a habit of trying to know the right answer w/o really knowing it. Now don’t get me wrong, I can be a know-it-all at times (shut up Bobby!). I tend to be very confident and act as such until proven otherwise. This character on the otherhand just sorta makes it up. He criticizes everyone else yet, he rarely participates in practicals. He lurks in the background letting everyone else do the work. This past week, as usual, he didn’t really participate but offers up his heart felt opinion on the errors of my skill set. I leaned over to the instructor (who I also work with) and said “isn’t it nice to have two instructors in the class? Too bad the second one is usually wrong.” I also made some offhand comments to several of my classmates. (They were in agreement but that’s besides the point.)

I emailed the instructor and apologized. He said he didn’t really think I was out-of-line and that my comments were justified. He actually had a conversation after class w/said person. I really respect my instructor so I’m glad to hear he doesn’t think I’m a total ass.

One thought on “Big Mouth”

  1. I know the type well. I’ve been marking NREMT-P exams and practicals since the 2000, and without question, it’s that guy that #1. comes out with the often but predictable “I can’t believe i forgot that. I always am perfect at skills”. Yeah, in your own mind skippy! #2. makes the critical errors that garner a revisit in three months. Oh well, his loss.

    Good luck with finals. Might even be back in time to mark your exam 🙂 Hmmm…

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