Blog Who?

I’m moody today. Don’t ask me why, things are going fine at the moment.

I’m ‘fiddlin’ w/the blog a bit this week. Just some cosmetic changes. Large Tony gave me the idea for the pic links. I wanted to do circles but they just didn’t look right. I’m sure I’ll make more changes over the coming week but nothing overly exciting.

For those of you who read my OTHER blog, I’m folding it this week. I’m not really keeping up w/it as much as I should. I might bring it back in a new format to test WP2 but I’m not overly motivated right now. Of course, not having any free time might have something to do w/the lack of posts.

I get a lot of private emails regarding my posts. I’m never sure if I’m expected to respond so if I haven’t responded to your emails, I’m not ignoring you.

My gym schedule has really improved this month. Having they extra time for a change has helped. And having switched back to Gold’s to workout, I’m a lot happier. Gold’s just has more equipment geared towards muscle-building. Crunch was fine but they focus more on staying healthy and weight loss.

4 thoughts on “Blog Who?”

  1. mmmm! Moby’s gonna get bigger n bigger…his muscles will grow and grow and then….well, then he’ll make that DMV bitch pay! bwahahaha!

  2. What is it with the private email thing? I always, hands down, get three times as many emails as comments.

    Many times they are the type that do not have the courage to post their disagreement publically.

  3. Yeah steve – I’d agree, I often ignore those. However, I get more that are just regular comments. I wonder if people think they are somehow more anonymous that way?

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