Thanks everyone for “feeling my pain” w/the ongoing DMV drama. And yes, there are a lot of deadbeat government employees. However, being someone who works for “the man”, there are a lot of really hard working employees too.

So I go back today to DMV today. Miss Manners is there along w/the person in charge of the testing program. I get up to the counter expecting everything to go smoothly. WRONG! Apparently, my live scan form wasn’t on an official DMV copy. It was a copy of the original form but not the original copy. Of course, in DMV speak that is just blasphemy! I think Miss Manners had a small stroke when she saw my paperwork. Without saying a word, she takes my paperwork and walks away. Four phone calls later she comes back, and accepts my form. Add 30 more minutes for processing time and I’M FINALLY FUCKING DONE!

I have my EMT certificate, my license notation, and my live scan paperwork showing I’m not a convicted felon. I’m now ready to start looking for my part time gig as an EMT. Thank the stars!

5 thoughts on “DMV II”

  1. which stars have you thanked lately? I saw Patty Duke at the grocery store on Tuesday, but I didnt thank her.I probably should have. Do you suppose it bugged her that I didnt?

  2. Keel the Anti-Moby DMVophites!!!

    You think there would be a way for them to crossreference you from here and figure out that you aren’t a convicted felon. Just a horny guy.

    I farted.

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