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I blogged a while back about adding a function to allow people to register for updates to the blog.

Instead of adding another plug-in, I decided to correct the error w/my RSS feed. I intentionally altered the link out of fear sp@m engines would use it. However, I’ve heard very little fallout over such tactics so I corrected it.

If you ever wanted to get the blog via RSS, the link is functional again. (bottom right of the sidebar)

6 thoughts on “RSS Feed”

  1. All you youngin’s and the tech ‘lingo.’ If I know half of what you just said I’d probably be acing my CAD class right now. I see the RSS but what the heck is it? Ejumacate me please!!

  2. RSS stands for really simple syndication. Allows you to view my blog (or any rss feed) on a phone,pda, or computer in a sort of email style format. You don’t load my blog page, it downloads posts as a new message for you automatically based on your settings.

    Also helpful as you know if you don’t get a new message from a certain blog, you don’t have to load the page as there aren’t any updates.

    Plenty of free rss feed readers out there. ipodder is a good one and it’s free.

    I use it on my pda but when I can I prefer to load pages the old way as it gives me a better connection to my blog buddies.

  3. I’ve been using the IE7 Beta preview for awhile now and I’m really thrilled with its RSS support (among other things). Sure, it’s still beta and there are some bugs to work out after all, but IE7 is shaping up to look mighty nice. Course, Firefox, the other browser I use is also great with RSS. Mighty fine either one. Now…just need to get them to do enclosure support so I can feed that right into Media Player, but that’s soon I hear.

  4. Well, I’m officially a moron! I clicked on the RSS link on the bottom right sidebar, but all I got was an error page.

    Damn, here I thought I’d get to add Moby to my blogroll on NewsGator! 🙁

  5. Refresh or reload the page and try again Donnie. If it doesn’t work, I’ll send you the link manually. It’s working. What browser are you using?

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