Over it.

Ok, so all the mushiness of the past week has passed. I’m feeling almost like my old frisky self again. I’m off to see the new Superman on the Imax screen. I have mixed feelings about it as I loved the originals. I think they tried too hard to find a Reeve look-a-like. The bad part is he does sorta favor him but has softer lines. It makes him look boyish instead of manly, IMHO.

Of course, lots of rumors were flying during production about the new superman’s package. There was even talk of morphing it down a bit as it was so distracting. But who listens to such things? I mean, I’m certainly not going just to see his package. That would just be wrong.


First, I recommend seeing the movie. I’m giving details w/o spoiling it so feel free to read on.

Ok, so I didn’t know much about the movie as I hadn’t really seen many of the previews. I stand by my original gripe. They made him too young looking. (They also made Lois younger too) Even though supposedly, this one occurs five years after the last one.

The #1 rule to making a good movie is make it believable. For a sequel, the story has to continue where it left off or have a good plausible explanation as to the differences. The movie should allow you to suspend disbelief enough to get wrapped up in it. They half succeeded. If you’ve never seen the originals, you’ll love this one instantly. If you did see the originals, you’ll probably feel like me and think it was a good movie but, it sucked ass as a sequel.

Oh, and the package was more pronounced than the original but not overwhelmingly so. Straight people have such a warped view of what a big package is. Jeesh! I came away feeling let down. *giggle*

And before I forget, the trailer for the new Spiderman 3 looks interesting to say the least!

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  1. I can’t wait to see this movie this weekend! Me and the Shrew see very little movies together in a theatre. We are the type to sit on the couch with the children (two Dachshunds and a Schnauser) and watch something on pay per view. I can’t wait to wait to watch it!

  2. Just to make sure you are aware, this movie is a sequal to Superman 2. Since III and IV were so bad they decided to just make like they never were made. Seen in that context, I think this makes a very nice sequal.

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