HiDef? OH Yeah Baby!

So the cable guy showed up on Sunday. Two and half hours later, we figured out how to make it work. The cable card installation went off w/o a hitch. However, he was as clueless as I was as to why the cable box wasn’t functioning. Basically, if you get the HD box w/o their DVR1 the top row of output jacks are worthless. A heads up for anyone upgrading to HiDef anytime soon. We finally figured it out. One cable to the cable card in the back of the TV and one cable to the cable box, composite video from the cable box to the TV, and coaxial cable from the cable box to the back of the Tivo.


My delay into the world of online gaming was shortlived. Scott from The Magic Geek found me online and we played Uno2 and then Gears of War for a few hours. Scott and his gang made me feel welcome. Some of his group wasn’t much better than me at GOW so it was fun. He also introduced me to gaymer.org. Its a online forum for gay gamers.

1You are much better off with Tivo or any other 3rd party DVR. Comcast puts too many restrictive flags on their broadcasts.

2 The fact that I was playing Uno on brand new HiDef TV was not lost on me. Oh yeah Moby, way to get your moneys worth.

6 thoughts on “HiDef? OH Yeah Baby!”

  1. My favorite moment of the night was when Rather Dashing had shot you and she asked me if I wanted to stomp on you to kill you. I had never done that before and was totally stoked. You squished like a bug! ROFL

    Had a blast last night and I would highly suggest adding the guys from gaymer.org to your xbox live friend list. This goes for any other “gomos” (geek homos) out there that might also play on LIVE.

    Look forward to putting your high dollar investment to more good use! 🙂

  2. Despite being generally good at figuring out such things as you described in the last few posts…can you tell us what you can do with an xBox? I hear about these things all the time yet I really have little clue what they are all about. You met up with others online via your TV? Played games? Sounds interesting enough but I just don’t know much about it all. 🙂

  3. Maybe if you spoke Greek to me I’d understand what the hell you are saying better. I’m lost, man. That’s why I stick around good tech guys like my partner and you for my help and advice……

  4. Tom – you can play HiDef as well as original Xbox games, watch dvds, stream music or videos from your pc, and/or go online and play against other plays (depending on the game). You can also download older arcade games as well.

    It is worth mentioning, you can also do almost all of the same thing w/the new PS3. However, you get to skip the super high price tag, extremely long lines, glitched patches w/the released game console, and a shortage of games.

    I’m a PS2 fan and Sony pretty much shot themselves in the foot this time by forcing you to buy everything in one system. The Xbox is modular. You can buy a basic core system, a full tricked out version, or anything in between.

    Did that help?

  5. Ok…NOW YOU ARE A COMPLETE TECHNO GEEK!!! Don’t get too comfortable in front of that TV. And oh, the porn ought to be real interesting in bright vivid color, sound, and size (no not that; as in TV screen).

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