8 thoughts on “@#$!% III”

  1. Look at the brightside… that’s more time to study!!!! I bet you were one POed dude yesterday. I bet you went and worked it off at the gym or on some lucky bastard. 🙂 Good luck today on your test!!!

  2. Hey. Just started reading your older posts. You have a great sense of humor. So, last night I said to my wife “I read six blogs now” and she said “Why” and I said “it’s like having six friends”. What is it about this medium that makes communication so different? I can’t seem to put it in words, but I have this love/hate relationship with the whole internet/chat/blog thing. Well, anyway, good luck with your test and keep blogging. It’s fascinating.

  3. Hey Moby>
    Good luck on the entrance exam today. You’ll knock’em dead…I know the type of determination you have!!! Just getting around to blogging again myself and visiting people on my bloggroll after my 4 weeks of intense focus on school.

    I’m a free man now…done…finito w/ the program. Just waiting on hopefully a pass in the class.

    Waiting to hear more on the new “love” interest. What’s this wait and see approach. If your ready and you feel you have your minf and heart in the right place, go get him. Show him you mean it this time.

    I’m heading up to SF next week. Will be getting together w/ Rob along w/ seeing a few other blogger friends in the Castro vicinity. Ya around?

  4. Good luck on your exam, Moby! I know you’re going to rock, but for a little added universal energy, I’ve lit a candle for you today.

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