Shout & Scream

First things first, a big shout out to Adam. Today is his birfday. He hasn’t been feeling so hot so be sure to hop over and wish him a good one!

In less exciting news, I got the “ring of death’ on my xbox 360 console last night. I was just sitting down to play the full version of Bioshock when the box suddenly shut down. On reboot, I got the fated death rings. I hate to but Microsoft gets props for having my info correct and on file. After a quick run down of this and that they had my repair order placed. Of course, it was just too be good to be true, the system was “updating” so I had to wait an hour and call back to finalize the order. Almost Microsoft, almost. lol

3 thoughts on “Shout & Scream”

  1. Sorry to hear that your xbox is sick. Nothing makes me more miserable than when one of my treasured techno gadgets breaks. Except perhaps when the internet goes out.

  2. BioShock is the coolest – played the demo and can’t wait to get the game. Good luck with your X-Box… I live in dread of the ‘ring of death’ myself, but it hasn’t visited… yet…

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