The Dark Side II

Well, it looks like brettcajun has finally embraced the power of the dark side. He broke down and bought a Xbox 360 (Elite) and is now a bona-fide gamer. heeheee. If you are an xbox 360 gamer, hop over and get his gamertag so you can be friends on yet another website. lol

Oh, the power of the dark side!

4 thoughts on “The Dark Side II”

  1. Get a PS3 and join me too! PS Home is going to be really cool and it’s all free.

  2. My gamertag is “BrettLSUFan” on xbox live. Adam, it only costs $50 a year for xbox live. Not too pricey for all the cool features. I wish you had an Xbox too… I’d love to play you in a boxing game. 😉 Ha Ha. Just kidding… not really… yeah.. just kidding! 😉

    Moby… I’ll download UNO… but isn’t there something more fun to play against others? The one thing I like about sports games is that there is a time period and it’s over. You don’t run around shooting things, dying, and coming back to life over and over again. Plus, you can create your own league, have a standings charts, and create playoffs.

    Sports games are right up my ally because I tend to get lost so easily in games with dungeons. I’ll go around and around in circles. I am like “This is SOOO hard!” I feel like a dumb blonde.

    HUSH. 😉

  3. OKAY OKAY…. If my budget allows here inb the near future… I’ll get a 360 too… I also need a new HD TV…. I’ll share why at another time.

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