If you missed my twitter update, my Xbox 360 promptly died again yesterday. Needless to say I was furious. I spent 45 minutes on the phone this morning chewing MS a new asshole. The first rep had the audacity to sound annoyed that I wasn’t willing to wait 3-4 more weeks to ship it back again.

After promptly reminding him how much I spent on the console and the lack of service, I asked for his supervisor. Said person was equally unhelpful. Another 20 minutes later, he tells me they will send me a new one but only after I wait for them to ship me a return box for the old one. I’m leary of that happening however, with no other recourse, I’m stuck waiting. He did say he entered an official complaint to MS at my request. I doubt that will go anywhere.

MS got huge points for their XBL [1]Xbox live service however, their tech support rivals that of Sony. Unproductive, uncaring, and a flat out waste of time. If it weren’t for so many games jumping over to the MS camp, I’d probably give it up after my experience today.

I got unlucky enough to get one of the defective batches. MS has already corrected the error in newer models however, it does nothing to make me a return customer.


1 Xbox live

6 thoughts on “Micro-Hell!”

  1. I had a sneaking suspicion this would happen. Reading gaygamer and kotaku it seems that its happening to the writers there too, they get it back after it get’s fixed and it dies again. I’m sorry.

  2. Damn that sucks big time man. and here I had possibly thought about a 360 over a PS3. I hope you put micro$haft in it’s place and things get better.

  3. I’m not sure about you, but I often find I get more frustrated with customer service over the phone than whatever problems I originally have.

    Sorry about the XBox, but at least you have your PS3 at the meantime. 😀

  4. Well! That explains why my puter’s been freezing up while visiting you. I’ve been going through Moby-withdrawal! Glad things are back to normal 🙂

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