Fat Heifer

I’ve been lazy the last couple of weeks. Ok, that is half true. I’ve had a busy work schedule and lazy on my weekends. I haven’t been to the gym in almost 2 weeks either. I feel like a fat heifer. I’ve probably put on about 6 lbs. Ugh! I think I feel the need to purge. j/k. This morning I woke up with a small sore throat. I ended up calling off work today. No gym yet again it seems.

I finally beat Timeshift on the Xbox so the absent-minded look in my eyes from too much gaming has begun to fade. It was a decent game. Nowhere near as compelling as Gears of War. The time-shifting ability isn’t that new either. Prince of Persia has a similar feature. Still it was a nice twist on an otherwise mediocre FPS [1]first person shooter for you n00bs game.

I felt guilt for having a booty call yesterday. I hope I didn’t give him a cold. lol He took it like a pro and wore me out. I did manage to get out and pick up a few more Christmas cards. I’m almost done shopping for cards and will starting mailing them out next week. [2]I spend more money on cards than presents I think. I like buying christmas cards.

The roomie got back last night. The apt. has felt empty the last two weeks without him. You know how it is when you get accustomed to having someone around.

I also had dinner w/roblog last night. It was good to see the big man-brute in the flesh again. I felt so bad though. His tendons are still giving him grief. We yacked and caught up on the random goings-on in our lives over burgers and fries. Always good to see him.

I’m feeling quite chatty-kathy today so expect several more blog posts before the day is over.


1 first person shooter for you n00bs
2 I spend more money on cards than presents I think. I like buying christmas cards.

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  1. Hey, I read your blog all the time, really funny stuff. Was wondering whats going on with you and TFA, what with the whole booty call and everything.

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