Stinker II

A friendly reminder.

If you do decide to send me hate mail, you might consider not sending it from an IP address that resolves to your work address. Apparently, IT dept. heads hate getting a threat of liability for allowing you to send slurs against my orientation thru company servers. And just so you know, threats to do me bodily harm, even open-ended ones, sent across state lines automatically rises to the level of a felony. Just a thought, of course. You are free to do as you like.

14 thoughts on “Stinker II”

  1. *gasp* oh honey, I’m sorry. but I’m gonna threaten you with bodily love. *rawr*

    Not to make light, well okay I did, but you know I love you more than my luggage, and it’s Louis Vuitton.

  2. I just have never figured out why people continue to read blogs that bother them so much. If I disagree with a blogger on a particular subject, I may comment, or simply ignore what they say, doesn’t necessarily change my way of thinking, I have my own brain and can make my own conclusions… oh wait a minute, I have a brain… that’s the difference.

  3. Are you talking serious hate mail?!?

    For what, exactly? I ask that because I’m in shock that anything you said here should cause anyone to rise to the level of threats. Disagreement is one thing, but geez! Humanity continues to surprise me.

  4. I feel kinda responsible for all this, as I was the one who first posed the monogamy question in the first place. If anyone out there does not approve of whats written on this blog, here’s a tip for you…DON’T READ IT! Its really that simple. God this world needs an enema.

  5. This world is full of all kinds of crazy. Appearently dumbasses too, lol.

    Have a great weekend Moby = )

  6. Other people’s stupidity is just a way for us to identify them and steer clear….Darwinism at work.

    When will people learn that you are never anonymous online??

  7. No don’t go doin sumtin stoopid like second guessing your future posts, or censoring your feelings, or stop posting half naked pics of yourself because of this! You readers are like your own little gay mafia, and, well… I do like the colors black and blue! LOL!

  8. So haters are sending you shit mail from their places of employment.?


    I didnt realize that Wendy’s “associate stations” had internet access.

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