Geek. Yeah And?

One of my coworkers was looking over my shoulder a few minutes ago watching me and flipped out.  She couldn’t believe how much I had going and how easy it was to update everything.  I have to admit the line between online and off is quickly blurring with the progression of web2.0.1  Everything is slowly moving that direction.  Ten years from now, you’ll see web access as a requirement vs luxury.  Speaking of geeking out, if you twitter and use Windows, check out Spaz.  Awesome desktop program to access all your tweets.  I fraking love it!  My buddy turnipstyle turned me on to it so kudos to him for the nod. 


I finally crossed the threshold this week from being almost sick to sick.  I had to leave work early two days ago.  I got 10 hours of sleep both nights and seem to be better today.  I’m in a shitty mood today though.  Not to mention I totally forgot I had to work overtime today.  Shit bricks.   blech


TFA called regarding some really good news he got this week.  I was very happy to hear it but even happier to hear some of the life return to his voice.  He has been so run down and depressed lately.  Hearing him so upbeat made my sick day bearable. 


The roomie still hasn’t found a job but has a couple of good leads.  I feel for him as I hate being out of work.  Financially, he is ok for a few more months. 


I broke down and created a new "listening" page (left side).  Now that I’m buying music again, I figure I might as well share.  I joined and they offer a nifty plugin to show what I’m listening too.  It doesn’t always work though and it’s limited to my last 7 songs.  Anyone use something better let me know.  I’m a Winamp fan and it needs work with it. 

  1. Basically, programs written to access online content without the need for a web browser []

3 thoughts on “Geek. Yeah And?”

  1. Hey Moby…Hope all is well. I haven’t been by in a while. Hell I haven’t been blogging or commenting as much. Been overwhelmed here with venturing into a business. Needless to say my anxiety level is rising. I need income and some good income quick.

    Anyway…good to see you are still hangin’ with TFA. I’m trying to with Chi-man. or rather, maybe I am trying to get him to hang be open-minded. I stop there.

  2. You are a geek! A big freakin geek! But if you weren’t would we still love ya? Hope you feel better! Good to hear TFA is getting some positive things in his life. Glad you two are still friends, I am sure it means a lot to him that you are still there to be supportive!

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